Books for 2021

what to read in 2021

I’m normally not one to make reading goals for the year. I go through phases where I will read a TON and then read nothing for a few months, so it can be stressful to make goals like that and not complete them. However, with the amount of free time I’ve got (thank you pandemic), I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to complete one this year. So I decided to set my goal for 60, about 5 books a month.

Now that I’ve made my goal, I need to decide which books I might want to read. This is an intimidating step.

Luckily, Amazon is here to help! With a whole list of books we MUST read in 2021, including the top books from 2020, I am bound to find just what I need. Click here to see their full list and maybe pick out a few for yourself. I hope you enjoy reading some of these as much as I do!

P.S If you’re like me and constantly filling out planners with everything from notes to ideas to actual plans (shocking! I know, I basically saw no friends last year). Click here to get your plan on for 2021.