A Valkyrie’s Vengeance

An anti-hero, an indifferent elf, and a burlesque dancer walk into multiple bars and maybe save the galaxy.

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“Together, we are a white fire and golden light. Stormy skies over glacial peaks.”

– Talia Clayton, A Valkyrie’s Vengeance


Vera should not be alive.

Yet, here she is, dragging herself across the galaxy searching for survivors. The two-hundred-year-old Valkyrie knew the moment she woke up on a planet of ash and death that her homeworld, Asgard, is gone. The devastation, known as Ragnarok, swept through Asgard, brought on by none other than Loki, the god of mischief. That arrogant bastard brought the fire giants of Muspelheim to wipe out the entire population, and their flames consumed everything. 

Still, Vera will not give up hope that survivors are out there, somewhere in the Nine Realms. She watched the space transports take off with her own eyes. One of those transports held her dearest sister, Edda. Vera will tear the worlds apart to be reunited with her. With the help of an annoyingly stoic Elven swordsman and a burlesque-dancing human, Vera sets off to search the Nine Realms for Asgardian survivors and her sister.

But something darker lurks in the Nine Realms, whispering doom for all the planets in the galaxy. Vera might be the only one who can save them—but don’t get too excited. She is never the hero. She is winged death.