American Gods By Neil Gaiman

American Gods by Neil Gaiman
American Gods by Neil Gaiman




Shadow has spent the last three years in prison and is finally free. On his way back home, he runs into a mysterious man named Mr. Wednesday. Mr. Wednesday is convinced that Shadow will come work for him, but Shadow just wants to go home to his wife. Until he finds out she’s died in a car accident with his friend who was planning on giving him a job. With his life turned upside down, he accepts the job offer from Mr. Wednesday and finds himself caught up in a war between gods.


I had really high hopes for this book but, unfortunately, it just wasn’t great. The author spent a lot of time going over mundane pieces of the main character’s story. While not spending enough time on describing the gods. They were all very vague and hard to remember and grasp. It also felt like the author assumed you knew who these gods were when he talked about them, not giving us enough context. The story is also incredibly slow moving. While the writing was great and you feel like you’re in the story, I just wasn’t hooked. I would read it at night and it helped me fall asleep. I would have just given up and part of me wishes I had. As a reader, it felt like I wasted time. As a writer, who is writing about Norse mythology, it did nothing to add to my knowledge of it.


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